PUQpress Q1 Automatic Coffee Tamper

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Now no matter which staff member makes coffee, tamping levels will always be perfectly level due to the unique patented clamping mechanism. Perfect tamping means better espresso shots and reduced barista calibration.

Consistent Pressure

Tamping pressure is digitally adjustable from 10kg to 30kg of force to ensure 100% consistency between baristas. Guaranteed to reduce barista injuries and fatigue caused by manual tamping.

Compact Design

Tamping in only 1.3 seconds means it’s faster to use the PuqPress than to tamp by hand. The compact design makes PuqPress the perfect solution for increased workflow and fits neatly between the grinder and espresso machine.

Power: 60 W
Input voltage: 110-230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Measurements (lxwxh): 125x150x220mm
Net weight: 3.5 kg
Suitable for: All types of portafilters, all brands, single or double spouts
Tamper diameter: 54 -59 mm (customised, tolerance +/- 0.1 mm)
Tamper shape: flat bottom
Adjustable pressure: 10-30 kg, (+/- 1 kg)
Cycle duration: 1.3 sec.

1. Adjustable height for different types of portafilters.
This height can be adjusted manually using an Allen key.
2. Clean mode for cleaning.

MADE IN: Netherlands