HARIO Beam Heater

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If you have the Hario Syphon then it is not complete without this Beam Heater.

Due to the nature of Syphon brewing, it's important to be able to control your heat source to maintain an exact temperature to avoid overheating or scalding your coffee beans. The Hario Beam Smart Heater gives you complete control to make sure you are brewing your coffee with confidence.

Beam Heater with its stylish design is a combination of elegance and functionality. It looks great on a countertop, both in a cafe and in your kitchen.

The temperature is easily adjustable with just one movement of the dial. Moreover, multiple heaters can be connected together using only one outlet.

Beam Heater can brew delicious coffee with a siphon safely and accurately in any place where flames are dangerous to use.

Article No: BGST-400E

Color: Golden/Black

 Product Weight: 2.3kg