WACO CORP. Infinite-L40 Water Cooler

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High quality design for Beautiful Interior

Prevent Skin Burns with Convenient Function

  • Applied double safety cork to prevent skin burn from dispensing hot water by mistake. Easy to select and use cold/hot water.

Effective Excellent Purification

  • Supply fresh and pure water through perfect 5 stage purification system.


POU WATER COOLER Infinite-L40(Standing), RO 5stage with Pump, Filter Sys.(11" U-Type): Sediment-Pre Carbon-RO(75G)-Mineral-PCB

  • Heating System

Sheath heater

  • Filter System

5 Stage RO with booster pump

  • Water tank capacity

Cold Water tank : 3Liters / Water Reservoir tank : 4.5Liters / Hot Water tank : 2Liters

  • Consumption

Heating System 500W / Cooling System is 80W (Max. 160W)

  • Dimension


  • The manufacturer and Origin

WACO Corp. / Korea

  • Color option

White-Black /  White-Gray